Mega Deal : 3 DVDs for £28

Mega Deal : 3 DVDs for £28

Product Information

You can choose the deal, 3 DVDs for £27.99


1 DVD from Category A and 2 DVDs from Category B
or........Choose 3 DVDs from Category B

The DVDs to choose from are as follows......

Cat A (you can only choose 1 of these)

Any Evolve DVD or Blu-Ray
Any PWG DVD (Excludes 2016 Events)
Any Ring of Honor DVD (priced £14.99 or below)
Any Shimmer DVD
Any Dragon Gate USA
Any Shine DVD or Blu-Ray
Any TNA DVD (Excludes AJ Styles 4 Disc)

Cat B ( You can choose any two or Three if no DVD from Category A is choosen )

Any Dragon Gate UK DVD
Any Noah UK DVD
Any RPW Revolution Pro DVD (Excluding 2016 DVD's)
Any TNA Pre-Owned DVD
Any WWE Pre-Owned DVD (Price £14.99 & Below)
WWE Cena vs Edge DVD
WWE Return of Batista
WWE Armageddon 2006
WWE Cyber Sunday 2007
WWE Summerslam 2007
WWE Unforgiven 2008
WWE Live in the UK : October 2007,
WWE Live in the UK : April 2008
WWE Live in the UK : November 2008
WWE No Mercy 2006
WWE Great American Bash 2006
WWE Judgement Day 2006
WWE Backlash 2006
WWE No Way Out 2006
WWE Armageddon 2005
WWE No Way Out 2005
WWE Survivor Series 2005
WWE Unforgiven 2005
TNA Bound for Glory 2008

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