The British Wrestling Revival Interviews Lion Kid

The British Wrestling Revival Interviews Lion Kid

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Published - 1st December 2015

An excerpt from the exclusive interview conducted by "The British Wrestling Revival."
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The past year you have been feuding with Mark Haskins in Bedford, do you want to finish what you and Mark started??

That’s right; they were the Wrestling Store events. The feud with Haskins had alot of build up; I think maybe 6 or 7 shows with us not even facing in a match. It’s a shame we haven’t been able to tell the rest of that story yet.
We all had alot of good ideas and I think the feud had real potential. I still get asked by fans on a regular basis when will be back at Hove or Bedford and will I finally get my hands on Haskins, so its defiantly a match people want to see.
I’ve known Haskins for a long time, we trained together and broke onto the UK scene together. I think he’s one of the top talents in the UK right now and I like the opportunity to finish what we started.

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