Through The Ropes Interviews Lion Kid

Through The Ropes Interviews Lion Kid

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Published - 15th April 2017

An excerpt from the exclusive interview conducted by "Through The Ropes."
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Where do you hope to be or do in the next decade in wrestling?

I've never looked that far ahead; I find it’s more productive to concentrate on short term goals. November last year I set my latest short term goal. This is to become a full time wrestler, to be able to make a living solely through wrestling, to be able to provide for my family, and do well enough that my wife can quit her job.
Since then I’ve been working very hard to make this a reality and we recently took a big step toward achieving that goal. In December and January things were picking up, and by the end of February we were in a position where my wrestling was able to afford my wife going down to only working part time hours. I feel incredibly blessed that wrestling has put me in a position where I can spend so much time with my wife and son. I’m so grateful; I know how lucky I am. But this was a half way step, and although right now I’m not sure how realistic it is. My aim now is to achieve the full goal by the end to the year.

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