YouShoot - Manny Fernandez DVD

YouShoot - Manny Fernandez DVD

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YouShoot - Manny Fernandez DVD

YOUSHOOT was created for those with something to say, and those who would say it fearlessly. YOUSHOOT was created for fans and talent alike, both of whom would fit that bill. And The Raging Bull Manny Fernandez has certainly fulfilled his end of that promise!

Manny has plenty to ask about... from the territories he traveled to the dozens of bar fights he seems to enjoy. From his lessons learned as a veteran, to his issues with a fair share of fellow workers, Manny opens up on everything you wanted to know. He makes no apologies for those ocmments and Lord, there are a fair number of names getting the "You Dick!"

Ask anything you want... just stay out of the bar when he comes in and GET THAT INVADER MASK OFF YOUR FACE!!!

...and get ready for a shoot... a YOUSHOOT!

Approx Running Time : 2 h : 20 m

NB: This DVD contains subject matter of an adult nature and can contain material that some people may find offensive.

This release is intended for mature audiences and should be rated as 18

Price: £13.99

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