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Dragon Gate UK Invasion Event DVD
Sunday November 1st 2009
The Regal, Oxford, UK
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The incredible UK debut of Dragon Gate in the UK, following the first two legs of their European Tour, the roster made it's final stop in Oxford. The first wrestling event at The Regal, which was kitted our to replicate a typical Dragon Gate event in Japan, no barriers, two entrance ways and the authetic memorable white canvas were all present. The show delivered, and then some, the turn away crowd was treated to a show that many people called the greatest show on European soil in 15 years.

• Opening Tag Team Battle (Real Hazard V Team UK)
Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito beat Jonny Storm & Marty Scurll

• International Challenge Match (Warriors 5 vs Team UK)

Kagetora lost to Mark Haskins

• Dragon Gate Singles Match (Kamikaze vs World One)
Dragon Kid beat Masato Yoshino

• Dragon Gate Singles Match (Kamikaze vs Warriors 5)
Shingo lost to Susumu Yokosuka

• Dragon Gate Six Man Tag Team Match (World One vs Warriors 5)

Naruki Doi, BxB Hulk & Pac beat The Young Bucks & Cima



Dragon Gate UK Shingo v Yokosuka 2 Event DVD
Friday September 10th 2010
Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hertford, UK
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Dragon Gate return to the UK with two incredible shows. Shingo V Yokosuka 2, held in front of a turn away crowd on September 10th at the Broxbourne Civic Hall, this huge event played host to the epic rematch of Shingo vs Susumu Yokosuka, which fans all across Europe voted as the European match of the year 2009, aswell as the signature match of Dragon Gate, the six man tag team war. This year, Warriors, consisting of CIMA, Dragon Kid and honorary member Masaaki Mochizuki faced off against World 1’s BxB Hulk, Yoshino and PAC

• Cyber Kong European Debut (Real Hazard V Team UK)
Cyber Kong beat Joey Hayes

• Team UK Challenge Match (Team UK vs Team UK)

Lion Kid lost to Mark Haskins

• The Incredible Rematch (Kamikaze vs K-neSUKA)
Shingo beat Susumu Yokosuka

• PPV Level Main Event (World One vs Kamikaze)
Naruki Doi beat Yamato

• Dragon Gate Six Man Tag Team Match (World One vs Warriors 5)

Yokosuka, BxB Hulk & Pac beat Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid & Cima

Dragon Gate UK Invasion 2 Event DVD
Saturday September 11th 2010
Burgess Civic Hall, St Ives, UK
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The following night in St Ives,  Dragon Gate UK : Invasion 2, witnessed two breathtaking tag team battles as CIMA & Dragon Kid took on the UK superstars Mark Haskins & PAC in a absolutely jaw dropping contest also the Kamikaze team of Shingo & Yamato face off against World 1’s BxB Hulk & Naruki Doi in what many fans are already calling the European Match of the Year. Also the brutal hard hitting classic between two bitter rivals, Masaaki Mochizuki wages war on Susumu Yokosuka in one of the most epic matches in UK history!

• Opening Match (Real Hazard V Team UK)
Cyber Kong beat Marty Scurll

• International Challenge Match (Team UK vs World One)

Lion Kid lost to Yoshino

• Huge Rivalry Renewed (Dragon Gate vs K-neSUKA)
Masaaki Mochizuki lot to Susumu Yokosuka

• Huge Faction Tag Team War, 2010 MOTYC (World One vs Kamikaze)
BxB Hulk & Naruki Doi beat Yamato & Shingo

• Main Event Tag Team Match (Team UK & World One vs Warriors 5)

Mark Haskins & Pac beat Dragon Kid & Cima



Dragon Gate UK Invasion 3 Event DVD
Friday October 21st 2011
Broxborune Civic Hall, Hertford, UK
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The third UK tour marks a return to Broxbourne for Invasion 3, with Team UK aiming to stop the Blood Warriors brutal reign of terror, the hugely anticipated European Debut of Akira Tozawa! On top of that, Shingo and Yokosuka pick opponents for each other ahead of the monumental third match between the two on the following night, with Yokosuka facing Yoshino and the headlining Shingo versus PAC.

• Akira Tozawa European Debut (Junction 3 vs Blood Warriors)
Dragon Kid lost Akira Tozawa

• Double Debut Faction Warfare (
Junction 3 vs Blood Warriors)
GAMMA beat Naoki Taniszaki

• Huge 6 Man Tag Team Match (Blood Warriors vs Team UK)
BxB Hulk, Naruki Doi & CIMA lost to Lion Kid, Marty Scurll & Mark Haskins

• Pick Your Poison (Junction 3 vs Junction 3)
Susumu Yokosuka beat Yoshino

• Huge Main Event (Junction 3 vs
Junction 3)
Pac lost Shingo

• Shingo v Yokosuka 3 DVD Match Listings
Saturday October 22nd 2011
Albert Hall, Nottingham
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The largest event so far in Dragon Gate UK , Held at the magnicent Albert Hall in Nottingham, really needed to be witnessed live. The Team UK / Blood Warriors Feud Continued, with CIMA in a must win situation or leaving the company. Tanizaki disrespecting Tozawa and it going off in a big way. The first ever Historic 10th Defence and first ever European Open The Brave Gate Title Match. Then after two of incredible matches - Shingo v Yokosuka for the third time. It has people jumping out of their seats and hugging each other! Amazing Show! , he

• UK Revenge Match (Blood Warriors V Team UK)
BxB Hulk beat Lion Kid

• Blood Warriors Challenge Match (Blood Warriors vs Blood Warriors)
Akira Tozawa beat Naoki Tanizaki

• Faction Warfare (Junction 3 vs Blood Warriors)
Yoshino beat Naruki Doi

• CIMA's UK Career on the Line (Team UK vs Blood Warriors/Junction 3)
Marty Scurll & Mark Haskins lost to CIMA & Gamma

• Open the Brave Gate Title Match (Junction 3 vs Junction 3)
PAC beat Dragon Kid

• The Epic Final Match (Junction 3 vs Junction 3)
Shingo beat Susumu Yokosuka


Dragon Gate UK Dragon Gate V UK Event DVD
Sunday October 23rd 2011
Beeston Community Centre, Nottingham, UK
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This bonus event was held just outside Nottingham the day after the Huge Shingo v Yokosuka event, it's small intimate setting is change of pace from the usual Dragon Gate UK events, a more relaxed setting but that certainly didn't stop the competitors going all out. The excellent encounter between Marty Scurll and Tozawa became the most requested match for the following tour. Shingo takes on Mark Haskins, PAC faces of against stable match Yokosuka and Mad Man Manson debuts and some how damages himself more than his opponent!

• Insane Opening Match (Junction 3 vs Team Big Lenny Henry???)
GAMMA beat Mad Man Manson

• Team UK Revenge Match (
Team UK vs Blood Warriors)
Lion Kid lost to CIMA

• 3 Way Tag Team Match (Team UK vs Junction 3 vs Blood Warriors)
Yoshino & Dragon Kid beat Martin Kirby & Joey Hayes and BxB Hulk & Naoki Tanizaki

• UK Revenge Match (Team UK vs Blood Warriors)
Marty Scurll lost to Akira Tozawa

• Stable Mates Do Battle (Junction 3 vs
Junction 3)
PAC beat Susumu Yokosuka

• Haskins Biggest Challenge (Team UK vs Junction 3)
Mark Haskins lost to Shingo




Dragon Gate UK Festival of Fire : Night 1
Friday February 22nd 2013
Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hertford, UK
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The 2013 UK tour kicks off in Broxbourne with the debut of one of the world's greatest high flyers, Ricochet, he has an uphill task as he takes on Shingo. Genki Horguchi makes his first return since 2009 and takes on the undefeated Tozawa, Lion Kid aims for revenge on Naruki Doi for an attempted unmasking last time in Broxbourne. Also Team UK aim to do further damage to the former "Blood Warriors" but now Marty Scurll faces a fight to keep his DG:UK career alive!

• Opening Grudge Match (World 1 International V Team UK)
Naruki Doi lost to Lion Kid

• International Challenge Match (Jimmys vs Team UK)

"Jimmy" Susumu Yokosuka beat Noam Dar

• 4 Way Must Win Match (Team UK v Team Veteran Returns Vs Mad Blankey vs Team UK)
"Party" Marty Scurll beat Mark Haskins, CIMA and BxB Hulk

• King of Gate 2Tournament Final Rematch (Mad Blankey vs Jimmys)
Akira Tozawa beat Genki Horiguchi

• 2010 PPV Match of the Year Rematch (Team Veteran Returns vs Akatsuki)
Massaki Mochizuki beat Yamato

• Ricochet's European Debut (World 1 International  vs Akatsuki)

Ricochet lost to Shingo


Dragon Gate UK Festival of Fire : Night 2 Event DVD
Saturday February 23rd 2013
Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hertford, UK
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The second night of the tour was also held in Broxbourne with the HUGE main event of Shingo (5-2) facing the undefeated Akira Tozawa (4-0) Having faced each other many times previously this was always going to be a tough brutal match, and it was just that. On any show that would have been match of the night, however the Yokosuka v Yamato WAR that proceeded it almost turned into a three way match with the DG:UK fans! Their continual "One-More-Time" turned this was an excellent contest into an Epic encounter and CIMA finally gets his hands on Marty Scurll one on one. One of the most complete shows held in the UK for some time.

• International Challenge Match (Team Veteran Returns vs Team UK)
 Massaki Mochizuki beat Noam Dar

• 4 Way Revenge Match (Team UK vs Mad Blankey vs World 1 International vs Team UK)
Mark Haskins beat BxB Hulk, Naruki Doi and Lion Kid

• Styles Clash (World 1 International V Jimmys)
Ricochet beat Genki Horiguchi

• 2013 MOTY Contender (Jimmys vs Akatsuki)
 Susumu Yokosuka lost to Yamato

• Huge Grudge Match (Team Veteran Returns vs Team UK)
CIMA beat "Party" Marty Scurll

• Huge Main Event Match Up (Mad Blankey  vs Akatsuki)

Akira Tozawa lost to Shingo


Dragon Gate UK Festival of Fire : Finale Event DVD
Sunday February 24th 2013
Castleford Civic Hall, West Yorkshire, UK
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The final stop on the 2013 tour, the company debuts in Castleford, West Yorkshire. A completely sold out venue played host to an unbelivable tag match pitting former tag team specialists "the Spiked Mohicans" Ricochet & CIMA against the major rivals Shingo & Yokosuka, an incredible war ensued. Lion Kid faces the last former "Blood Warrior" in Akira Tozawa, Scurll is once again fighting for his DG:UK career, problem is, it's against best friend and Team UK stable mate Mark Haskins, who really needs to pick up the victory himself. That's without Doi/Mochizuki and Hulk/Horiguchi and Yamato aims to beat some respect into Noam Dar.

• Opening Match, Scurll's Career on the Line (Team UK V Team UK)
Mark Haskins lost to "Party" Marty Scurll

• International Challenge Match (Akatsuki vs Team UK)

Yamato beat Noam Dar

• UK Pride Match (Mad Blankey vs Team UK)
Akira Tozawa beat Lion Kid

• Faction Warfare (Mad Blankey vs Jimmys)
BxB Hulk lost to Genki Horiguchi

• PPV Level Match up (World 1 International vs Team Veteran Returns)
Naruki Doi lost to Masaaki Mochizuki

• Incredible All Star Tag Match (World 1 International & Team Veteran Returns vs Akatsuki & Jimmys)

Ricochet & CIMA lost to Shingo & Sumumu Yokosuka





Dragon Gate UK X
Friday July 25th 2014
Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hertford, UK
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The 2014 UK double header in Broxbourne kicks off with the tenth show, with a debut for Uhaa Nation, Tozawa's opportunity to go plus Five, and All Star tag match featuring the reluctant Doi & Yoshino "Speed Muscle" Partnership. Then just 5 days after BxB Hulk's winning of the Open The Dream Gate title, he faces the man who he took the title from Yamato in a huge PPV main event rematch and to top if off, Team UK of Haskins & Scurll take on Monster Express Ricochet and Akira Tozawa

• International Challenge Match (Monster Express V Team UK)
Akira Tozawa beat Will Osprey

• International Challenge Match (Monster Express vs Team UK)

Uhaa Nation beat Lion Kid

• All Star Tag Match (Team Veteran & Jimmys vs Mad Blankey & Monster Express)
CIMA & Susumu Yokosuka bea Naruki Doi & Yoshino

• Kobe World PPV Main Event Rematch (Unaffliated vs Mad Blankey)
BxB Hulk beat Yamato

• Main Event (Team UK  vs Monster Express)

Ricochet & Akira Tozawa beat Mark Haskins & Marty Scurll


Dragon Gate UK Yamato v Yokosuka 2 Event
Saturday July 26th 2014
Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hertford, UK
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The second night of the tour was also held in Broxbourne with the HUGE rematch of Yamato and Yokosuka from the 2013 Night 2 event

• Improptue 4 Way Match (Team UK vs Unaffiliated vs Team UK vs Monster Express)
Lion Kid beat Rich Swann, Will Osprey and Uhaa Nation

• International Challenge Match (Unaffiliated vs Monster Express)
BxB Hulk beat Yoshino

• PPV Main Event Level Match (Team Veteran V Mad Blankey)
CIMA beat Naruki Doi

• Huge Grudge Match (Team UK vs Team UK)
Mark Haskins beat "Party" Marty Scurll

• 2013 MOTY Rematch (Jimmys vs Mad Blankey)
 Susumu Yokosuka lost to Yamato

• Huge Main Event Match Up (Monster Express vs Monster Express)

Akira Tozawa beat Ricochet