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Dragon Gate UK Roster 

DG UK Record 7-2

Bio - The first graduate of the Dragon Gate dojo, fulfilled his dream of being a pro wrestler in '04. He embarked on a year long excursion to the United States in 2006. When he returned, he ascended to a role as one of the top line players in the company. He is known for his fierce patriotism, which shines through in the naming, concepts, and imagery for his units & holds.

In DG:UK - Simply put, Shingo is the man in Dragon Gate UK, first competitor to go to (+5) in his win/loss record, won biggest feud in company history against Yokosuka in DG:UK's largest event. Has victories include PAC, Yokosuka, Ricochet, Tozawa (all are must see encounters) and one thing is for sure, he is the embodiment of the Dragon Gate style, system and spirit.

DG UK Record 3-6

Bio - CIMA is the most recognizable star of Dragon Gate. He joined the initial class of the Ultimo Dragon Gym. A founding member of the legendary heel group Crazy MAX, and became one of the top names in the Japanese junior heavyweight scene and has remained there through several generation changes.

In DG:UK - While undoubtably the top star in the company in Japan, in the UK he has a less than satisfying tenure. Having lost his first 4 contests (All feat UK Talent) it would seem his apparent hatred for UK talent is costing him. Had to fight for his DG:UK career at the Nottingham event and selected feirce rival GAMMA to win at all costs. That said, his performances have not justifed the results, as his incredible matches on just about every event will confirm. 

    Naruki Doi
DG UK Record 3-5

Bio - Doi debuted as a 5th term student as a part of the Toryumon 2000 Project. He adopted the ring name Second Doi after baseball player Shouzo Doi. After finding little success in his early career, he decided to revert to his real name necessary to find success. Along with Masato Yoshino, the legendary Speed Muscle duo, was the most accomploshed tag team in Dragon System history

In DG:UK - Went 3-0 on the first 2 tours with 2 huge six man victories and a storming match alongside BxB Hulk against Shingo and Yamato, from there lost to Team UK and then to former Speed Muscle partner Yoshino in 2011, this trend continued on the 2013 tour where he dropped all 3 matches and needs to halt the downward spiral

  Susumu Yokosuka
DG UK Record 5-4

Bio - Debuted as a third term student in Toryumon. Susumu first broke out as a member of the legendary original M2K unit. He quickly gained a reputation as a masterful ring technician. Susumu has lost his ring name twice. The first time was vs. Masaaki Mochizuki in the infamous 2001 Mochizuki Feud. He had to change from his real name to Susumu Yokosuka. Always prideful of his hometown, he embraced the change.

In DG:UK - Beloved the world over and that is never more apparent than in the UK. His classics against Shingo, PAC, Mochizuki and Yamato have earned him rave reviews and standing ovations a plenty. Has been one of the main focal points of DG:UK and his matches and crowd support have justified that billing. Another must see competitor in a roster of can't miss talents.

DG UK Record 4-2

Bio - The former 2 Time Dream Gate champion, The fastest wrestler on the planet, Yoshino. He debuted as a seventh term student with T2P. He broke out as the Italian Tarzan character YOSSINO, a part of the Italian Connection. A founder of the Open the Brave Gate division, he has held the title a record five times and is considered the greatest Brave Gate champion of all time. Formed the acclaimed tag team "Speed Muscle" with Naruki Doi and Yoshino was the first to hold the Twin Gate Titles too.

In DG:UK - has won all but two of his matches, at the debut event against Dragon Kid and then in a pick your poison match against Yokosuka. Victories over Naruki Doi, Warriors 5, Lion Kid and in a 3 way tag match give the Speed Star a formidable record. After missing out of the 2013 tour, he was very vocal on wanting to return in 2014 and is extremely excited to return to the UK


  Akira Tozawa
DG UK Record 5-1

Bio -The third graduate of the Dragon Gate dojo, Tozawa debuted in early 2005. A one year stint in the United States, helped gained a massive following, and rave reviews for his various performances. This gave him the self confidence he needed to find success in his home country. He returned as the shocking final member of Blood Warriors. The self confidence eventually turned to egomania, causing him to tear down BW and form MAD BLANKEY as the leader.

In DG:UK - The most requested addition to any tour, debuting on the 2011 tour downing Dragon Kid, Tanizaki in a blinder and tearing the house down with Marty Scurll, going 4-0 after beating Horiguchi on the first night of the 2013 tour, saw the undefeated Tozawa battle Shingo in the main event of Saturday's event, downing Lion Kid only furthered his setting as the most exciting competitor in DG:UK.

DG UK Record 1-2

Bio - Dragon Gate USA's greatest export, Ricochet has had a meteoric rise through the ranks, both in DGUSA & in Japan. Within a year of his debut in Japan, he had won nearly every title the company has to offer. Forming the Spiked Mohicans team with CIMA, they held the Twin & United Gate tag titles at the same time. They were never beaten for either title. His Double Rotation Moonsault is perhaps the most incredible move in wrestling. The current Open the Dream Gate champion.

In DG:UK - Making his European Debut on the 2013 tour, facing off against Shingo, the Future of Flight, the master of the Double Rotation Moonsault, Ricochet was a seriously atisipated Debut. Easily one of the most exciting highflyers in the world right now, a steller battle against Genki Horiguchi moved him to 1-1 and teamed with CIMA in an all star tag match against Shingo & Yokosuka to finish his debut UK tour in an incredible match. One to watch for sure....

BxB Hulk
DG UK Record 4-5

Bio - A former ranger in the Japanese defense force, Hulk joined the Dragon Gate system in 2004. He adopted his own version of the famous Magnum Tokyo entrance dance until 2010, where he became more focused especially with his feud with eternal rival Shingo Takagi. His fun loving demeanor disappeared in 2011, his dark side took over his personality when he joined the Blood Warriors stable. An accomplished designer, Hulk designed the logo & presentation for the MAD BLANKEY unit.

In DG:UK - Going to 3-0 in the first 2 tours, his first loss coming at the hands of Team UK in his third Six Man Tag on UK soil, gaining revenge the following night over Lion Kid gave him the most prolific win loss record in DG:UK (along with Mark Haskins) of 4-2 heading into the 2013 tour. Lost 2 consecutive 4 way matches before losing to Horiguchi and will need to halt his huge win/loss slide pretty quickly
DG UK Record 3-2

Bio - The fourth graduate of the Dragon Gate dojo, YAMATO came into the system after several years of mixed-marital arts training with the Wajyutsu Keishukai group. After a US excursion in early 2007, he returned with a new look and attitude.He won the Dream Gate less than four years into his career, and held the DGUSA Freedom Gate for the majority of 2011. Outside of combat sports, he is also a licensed chef.

In DG:UK - After a losing debut to Naruki Doi, Yamato was involved in the epic Tag Team match at Invasion 2, however, his record of 0-2 would not lend it's self to the danger this warrior possesses to anybody stood in opposition to him. After the 2011 tour absence. He returned in 2013, one of the most feared strikers and submission artists in Dragon Gate picked up all 3 victories and was involved in an incredible must see war with Yokosuka on the Saturday event.
  Masaaki Mochizuki
DG UK Record 3-2

Bio - Debuting in 1994, His role as leader of the legendary original M2K unit positioned him as one of the top pillars of the company. After several years away from the middle of unit warfare, he returned to the forefront to lead JUNCTION THREE in their battle with Blood WARRIORS in 2011. The time away from the front lines did nothing to diminish his ability. His performances as Dream Gate champion at the age 41 earned him the well deserved nickname "The Iron Man of Dragon Gate".

In DG:UK - Having made his debut on the 2010 tour Mochizuki, lost both outings, however the incredible MOTN battle with Yokosuka is one of best matches in DG:UK, he returned on the 2013 tour and waged war on Yamato (rematch from their insande OTDGT PPV match) , schooled Noam Dar and kicked Naruki Doi from pillar to post in a very successful tour from this near 20 year veteran!
Genki Horiguchi
DG UK Record 2-2

Bio - Horiguchi debuted as a Toryumon second term student. Shortly after returning to Japan, he adopted a surfer character. As he hair began to grow noticeably thinner, the mocking and insults he received grew worse. Eventually he snapped, and turned heel. He eventually abandoned the surfboard entirely, and channeled the constant H-A-G-E taunts (hage means bald in Japanese) into fighting spirit. While he may not be the most consistently successful member of the roster, his flash pin attempts make him one of the most dangerous.

In DG:UK -
The first Japanese native to compete at DG:UK in the opening match in 2009 brough him much fanfare and live abuse! Although victorious, it would be many years before his return in 2013 where he faced off against Tozawa, Ricochet and Hulk in three excellent contests, and if possible, he was even more popular this time around, insanely fun character backed up with huge talent.
  Mark Haskins
Dragon Gate UK Record 5-4

Bio - The Star Attraction's resume speaks for itself. One of the most sought after talents in Europe for years, champion in almost every company he has competed for and after touring with Dragon Gate in Japan for almost the entire year in 2010, he arrived back and within a month was offered a contract by TNA in January 2011. One of the most succesfull UK exports in the last decade was one of only a few Uk talents to ever gain a full time contract in Japan.

In DG:UK - The first competetor to go 4-0 and only a huge war with CIMA & GAMMA prevented him from making it 5-0 in Nottingham, a loss to Shingo the following night as well as a loss on the opening night of the 2013 tour (Although that was to save Scurll's career) made his record 4-3 before picking up a much needed win on the Saturday event. However the stakes of his single match in Castleford would cause a betrayal best his best friend and Haskins is pi**sed..
  Marty Scurll
DG UK Record 3-6

Bio - One of the hottet prospects in all of Europe, a champion in many UK federations and recent TNA Boot Camp contestant, the enigmatic Scurll shot to European prominence in his home promotion of Revolution pro as part of "The Leaders" with Pro Wrestling Noah's Zack Sabr Jnr and is probably the most sought after unsigned talent in Europe right now, huge addition to any card, anywhere.

In DG:UK - Having lost his opening 3 DG:UK contests, Scurll knew going into the 2011 tour, he must win either the 6 Man Tag or the follow night's huge tag match. He won the former, lost the latter and then was defeated by Tozawa in a classic, which meant on the next tour he had to win at all costs. He did with help from Haskins, the next night a huge war and subsequent loss to CIMA put him once again on the brink, he had to betray the man who helped save him, his best friend, Mark Haskins to save his careeer......but at what price?
Lion Kid
DG UK Record 3-6

Bio - Making his debut at the 2009 Dragon Gate UK event, the masked Lion Kid is a huge crowd favourite and carries nearly a decade in pro-wrestling experience. Wrongly characterised as a high flyer, the New Forest native is one of the most complete allrounders in Europe. Spent 3 months in Japan with DG in 2010, in 2011, he was only able to make 4 or 5 UK based appearances due to a near full time schedule in France for the "Wrestle Stars" Promotion, continues to be one of Europe's finest.

In DG:UK - While might be picking up scores of fans on each and every outing, the Lion Kid is in need of picking up some wins in DG:UK. Winning his debut but then losing all the 2010 & 2011 tour matches except for a TEAM UK victory in Broxbourne, despite A classic against BxB Hulk in Notthingham, that and a loss to CIMA rounded out the 2011 tour and 2013 didn't fare much better, A huge win over Doi was practically cancelled out by losses in a 4 way and to Tozawa on the last night, at 3-6 he can afford no more losses.
  Noam Dar
DG UK Record 1-3

Bio - One of the most prolific youngsters to have emerged recently, at only 19 years old and having already faced world wide stars like AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn and John Morrison, Dar comes with quite the reputation, and over the past 12 months he has featured for just about every major UK company and battled Zack Sabre Jnr, Dave Mastiff and Dragon Gate UK Stars Mark Haskins, Lion Kid & Dean Allmark. A supreme technican with a firery temper a very devious combination for any opponent.

In DG:UK - Making his debut in the bonus match at the huge Shingo v Yokosuka 3 event in Nottingham, he was called up to the Team UK squad, most would consider that a no brainer, however Dar demanded he face the very best if he was to accept the position. On the 2013 tour, he got his wish - Yokosuka, Mochizuki and Yamato all battle the mat magican and Dar proved that while he may have lost, he does belong on this stage and is ready to prove it in the last of his 5 Trial matches on the next tour.


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