:: About DG:UK

Currently Dragon Gate of Japan is the busiest wrestling promotion in the world with more domestic shows than any other company. Its hybrid style not only appeals to its core fan base in Japan but has attracted fans worldwide, keen to sample such a unique product. Dragon Gate was formed from the roster of the defunct Toryumon Japan promotion in 2004, and the core roster has since been added to both with the debut of many new wrestlers trained in the "Dragon Gate" system and the addition of several hand-picked stars from around the world. Dragon Gate has been in full-time operation since its separation from Toryumon in 2004, producing live shows, and a TV/PPV product.

On April 14, 2009 at the Korakuen Hall event in Tokyo, the promotion announced its expansion into the United States with Dragon Gate USA and in November of the same year, the company held it's first European tour with events in Spain, Germany and finally the United Kindom, On that night - November 1st 2009 - DG:UK was born.

Dragon Gate has since toured the UK numerous times, bringing its unique and unparalleled style to our shores, with a roster that fuses their own major names with the best European light heavyweights to create the DG:UK experience. The DG roster is filled with skilled, colourful champions, their style is like no other and the UK events have been regarded as some of the best professional wrestling events ever seen in this country.